Pricing and Quoting Software for Fabricators

QuoteExpress FABshop
An integrated system designed for manufacturers of sheet metal ductwork and fittings for the HVAC industry. It has everything your company needs to produce and track quotations for rectangular, spiral, and oval duct fittings and accessories for complete and accurate bids.

Get Started Right Away

Use FABshop "right out of the box" with predefined reports and industry standard labor and material data. On site implementation and customization of your data is available to get you up and running with a minimal of effort.

Make Informed Decisions
Remove the guesswork from your sales performance. FABshop's standard administrator reports help you accurately measure estimator and customer performance data.

What You Get

  • Customer File
  • The FABshop customer file tracks your quotation history data including every job bid and the estimator or sales person who is responsible for the quotation. With this information you can stay on schedule. FABshop helps you identify and prioritize quotations without delays that would otherwise threaten production schedules.

  • Job Data/Reporting
  • QuoteExpress and FABshop are renowned for their point and click simplicity. Users are presented with a single consistent interface and all the necessary reports. Reports can be viewed on screen or printed for distribution. FABshop reports provide a unique capability to integrate data into Microsoft Excel for a complete, custom reporting environment.

  • Takeoff Module
  • Takeoff is processed with an unlimited number of rectangular, round and oval pressure files that can have as many specification setups as needed. Enter Rectangular, Spiral, Oval or Accessories, all duct pipe and fitting types can be entered in any order at any time. FABshop Takeoff features ?real time? pricing of all ductwork and fittings. See and adjust the price of all items as you do enter the job data.

  • Data File
  • FABshop is and open system that provides industry standard data. As your company needs grow, add more users and integrate info into third party applications. FABshop's powerful client/server architecture ensures reliable access and superior performance. FABshop has everything your company needs to produce and track quotations for rectangular, spiral, and oval duct fittings and accessories for complete and accurate bids.

  • Internet Client (Add-On Module)
  • FABshop Internet client software allows you to automatically generate quotes from takeoffs over the Internet!

    The Fabshop client is installed at the contractor's site. The contractor simply does the takeoff with FABshop client, then sends the information to your FABshop server for automatic quote generation. FABshop can either automatically return a quote to the customer by e-mail or fax or notify a salesman that a quote has been processed.

    FABshop client software users simply point and click to input ductwork, fittings and accessories. Users can easily integrate FABshop information into their workflow to streamline their estimating processes. The Fabshop client has everything a contractor needs to retrieve quick quotations from you for rectangular, spiral, and oval duct, fittings and accessories.

    Internet data transfers also permit you to use their own fittings and ductwork information in the automatic quotation. It's so easy, your customer will always go to you first for a quote.

    FABshop is a third generation system developed by the same team who created QuoteExpress estimating software and the www.buyduct.com web site for contractors. We have combined these capabilities to develop FABshop from the fabricator's perspective and created the most advanced quotation system available today. For more information or to set up an on-site or web demo call 800-813-7020.